Sunday, April 27, 2014


This guy has a GREAT attitude and is sexy as hell.  Love chatting with this BATEWORLD brother.  

His profile there is awesome...

Avid nudist since I was a teen. Try to visit a naked place wherever I travel, and always enjoy a spa (mainstream or gay). Learned masturbation from a friend during a sleepover. Soon I was territorially bating in public, like in the woods by the school or in the men's room at the park.

Have always gotten off on the eye-signals and other signs that pass between likeminded men in public spaces. Watching where other men's eyes go is a favorite pastime in Vegas spas and on nude beaches. I've learned that many men who think of themselves as straight will gladly show off, touch, and mess around if given a discrete opportunity with other friendly men. I'm married and respect boundaries, but it ain't cheating if it's only hands.

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