Monday, February 24, 2014


The scene usually plays out the same every time. Partner and I have a drink about a half hour before he arrives.
Knock at the door.
Comes in
Shake hands
Uses the bathroom to take a piss
Red Bull and vodka?, I ask
Yes please…
Sits on the couch
Smalltalk for a few minutes then
Wanna go upstairs? As usual don’t have much time..
He and my partner head for the bedroom
I refill my drink
Go out and have a smoke
Wait about 10 or 15 minutes
Feeling buzzed
Feeling horned
Walk upstairs
Partner is on the couch
From behind
Fucking him like a dog
Feel good?
GOD YES he says

After about 10 minutes
He changes position
On his back now
Reaches for more lube
The pounding continues
For a while
Let’s go to the bed, he says
Legs are up in the air
Shithole exposed
I wonder if he fucks his wife like that? I think
The humping continues for a long while
He’s pulling on his cock
Got a real nice one too
Great nuts
He does not like to kiss
I watch them copulate like animals
Let me know, I ask
Soon he says
The bed thumps with their rhythm
I look at his feet
Toes are curled
I think about what the wife would do if she saw her husband
On his back
With a cock up his ass
Take it out, he says
Now, he tells me
He rips the rubber off and he begins to suck
The cock that was just inside him
While his is between my lips
I grows harder still
I have him balls deep
He moans
I feel them tighten on my goatee then
It pulses out
About seven spurts
I wait until I can feel
Him stop ejaculating
This time I held his seed
In my mouth
So I could taste it
No, not taste…
Savor it
Roll it around my palate
like fine wine
Fuckin sweet
Thick too
I cum a lot huh? Smiles proudly…
JESUS, so much, I think
I leave the room
And spit it into a glass so I could see the volume
I go back into the bedroom
He cleans up
Sits on the couch
For a nice amount of time
More smalltalk
This time about how good it felt
Having a dick up his ass
A real male bonding experience I guess!
He dresses and we see him out
See you soon guys…
Hope so!
Then, I go back upstairs to drink his semen…

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