Thursday, October 24, 2013


Well, I woke up to a bunch of texts/Emails demanding to know what happened last nite. 

Buddy's scheduled arrival time: 7PM sharp.  

So, Viagra and gin and tonics at 6:30.  

He's so prompt, you can set your watch by him.  

Some small talk, a Red Bull vodka, then him and the BF wandered upstairs.

I followed about 15 minutes later and instead of finding them in the usual dog fuck, 
I was surprised by a 69 formation!

After watching and masturbating for about 15 minutes, I mentioned to let me know when he was close as I wanted his semen to shoot off in my mouth.  

After a bit, I was instructed to "SUCK DICK" and was rewarded with a copious amount of delicious baby batter!

After a short rest and more small talk, the groomsman's got plowed up the ass for a good 30 min.  

Unfortunately, no 2nd load. :(

He departed with a smile on his face promising to be back REAL SOON!...

Can hardly WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!