Thursday, June 20, 2013

FT LAUDERDALE FUN 2013, 6.20.13

Just returned from Ft Lauderdale and had more of a blast than ever!  

First off the weather was fantastic with just about 1 hour of rain the first day.  Stayed at the Worthington Resort which now includes Villa Venice to it's list of properties as well as Alcazar.  Great cross section of men too,  all age groups, types, shapes and SIZES if you know what I mean!  The friskiness at night is fantastic without crossing into the sleazy side.  

Needless to say I was very busy sucking cock and jacking off there.  I really should have kept count but alas, I did not.  Let me just say that I consumed a lot of protein over 5 days!  Best man met for sex has to be a 27 year old Polish guy named Danny with a fantastic bod and an 8 inch foreskined cock that spewed the most delicious semen I had ever tasted.  Total times with him having sex:  3.

Met a bunch of fantastic new buddies including some repeat guests that it was fantastic to see!

Other trip Highlights included:
Club Ft Lauderdale (Great Bathhouse!)
RamRod Bar
Massage/food at The Royal Palms
Pride Factory

Cant wait to visit sunny Florida again...