Saturday, April 20, 2013


The boys over at have really taken the fleshlight idea to the next level. Introducing, the semen collection cup, known as the Fleshlight Flight + MD. The idea is simple: attach the semen collection cup to the bottom of the newest male sex toy, Fleshlight Flight and once you reach ejaculation, your cum is collected into the cup! Some of you may be lost on why this would be a valuable product. Imagine the possibilities! First,  for those guys who make extra side money by donating their sperm to sperm banks on a regular basis, this is perfect for reaching a more fulfilling and complete climax. Studies have shown that cumming into a vagina gives a more complete ejaculation than with a mouth or a palm. That makes this product a must have for donors. Another possibility (and this I’d love to see) is perfect for bukkake! I can see it now; a video with a room full of guys, using the fleshlight flight MD and shooting their loads into the collection cups. After which, the model (in typical bukkake fashion) can drink the mass amounts of semen or just splash them all on her face…’s the perfect facial!

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