Sunday, December 9, 2012


I just spent about 5 hours masturbating. I was alternating between hard and fast strokes and nice, slow easy strokes. I was in that range of 9.5 to 9.99 for hours! My body was in absolute bliss and I didn’t want it to end.
I alternated between reclining and stroking my cock and dancing and thrusting into the fleshlight. All was great!
This day of masturbating was absolutely fantastic but I was getting to the point where my body really wanted to cum. I hadn’t cum for a few days and I knew that it was time.
I was really torn about it though. The bliss I was experiencing was amazing and part of me didn’t want it to end. I also knew that if I came it would mean that the session would be ending. I spent about 30 minutes just masturbating and seeing if any clarity came to me on cumming or not.
I did decide that I needed to cum. I enjoyed the experience and the release felt great – it was what my body needed; however, I also noticed that the pleasure in cumming wasn’t as great as the pleasure in masturbating for 5 hours. I don’t want to detract from the experience, but I did feel a bit let down by it. It’s really a paradox. Maybe I was expecting that my orgasm would be the absolute peak of this long experience of pleasure. I could have been anticipating it so much that no matter what happened I would feel somewhat let down. Don’t get me wrong – it was a nice cum, but it wasn’t the ‘oh my God that was incredible’ type of orgasm. Maybe after 5 hours of continuous pleasure there wasn’t anywhere else for my body to go at that time.
I’m just happy that we have the opportunity to experience all the varied sensations of pleasure!

LOVE this man...


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