Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Monday night 10/15 at the Worthington/Alcazar resort was similar to many evenings there...  A myriad of men mostly in towels wandering around the pools by each property... the light replecting off each, along with a mild breeze.  My mood was the same, horny and hungry.  

I had seen Paul earlier that day, he was staying with his partner on the much quieter Alcazar side, but tonite he was out alone, sipping a tall Kettle One.  Blue eyed, shaved head and naturally smooth with strong large hands and big size 12 feet, a Woody Harrelson lookalike for certain, wearing only a towel, which I so wanted to see underneath.

We started chatting a bit and were then greeted by yet another Paul who I had met earlier in my trip.  He joined the conversation, and at that point I though he may have spoiled my chances.  I excused myself to get a refill of my vodka and came back out to see Woody alone sitting at a table poolside looking buzzed yet relaxed.  I sat down in front of him and stared down at his crotch.  We sat silently for a few minutes and before I knew it, my head was in his lap.  Woody's woody was very nice.  A good 7 inches which was solid like him and I had no problem taking all the way down to his blond curls.  "Dammmmmmn" was all he could say as I hungrily sucked his pecker like there was no tomorrow.  He knew I was hungry, but was certain the Kettle One was preventing him from delivering the goods if you catch my drift.

This went on for a good 20 or so minutes or so and I was loving every minute.  He mentioned that he wished he had poppers as they would make him shoot.  I unfortunately had none, but then like a knight on horseback came the other Paul to catch a glimpse of the action.  
"You have any poppers by chance?" 
"Sure, I'll be right back!"  
Before I knew it, he was back with the little brown bottle and Woody was huffing on them.  

Next thing I knew, my mouth was flooded with his juice.  His cock pulsed over and over with his savory seed.  I held what wasn't already down my throat in my mouth, and then swallowed what I found out to be a thick, copious 5 day load.

DAMMMMMMMMN was all I could say.

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