Saturday, October 20, 2012


OK, I did get a lot of cock on vacation, but I want to tell you about a couple I didn't... Sometimes the hunt is actually more exciting!

James, big burly late 40s, grey hair and goatee...   Eric, short, smooth and inked.  26 to be exact.  Viking tattoo on his upper right arm.    Eric liked older men that looked older.  I guess the reason why he didn't really go for me.  I lusted after this compact Scandinavian stud...  but he and James seemed to be exclusive.  
Until, that is, I caught Eric sneaking into neighbor Dick's room one nite.  I tried to get in, but apparently the little guy wanted Dick all to himself.  They shared nearby rooms.

I had Dick 2X before.  Swallowed both his and his partner Paul's loads.  

Dick said, by Eric paying him a visit, was like having Christmas cumming early.  I bet.  

Fortunately, I got to see my compact Viking Stud boy shoot his load with his partner the next night when unknown by them I was peeping through their window.  Pretty lil cock.  

Watched James wipe up his sperm.  Then the lights went off and they both went to sleep

They don't know what fun they really missed out on...  I would have licked up the little bro's load.  

Too bad.

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