Thursday, July 26, 2012

SCOUTING MAKES MEN (Part#2), 7.26.12


 Master was so proud of you
When you shared 
What we had experienced
That first time
I pleasured you my Brother
With my hands

After that
Lips, tongs, throats
Then assholes

You were gentle at first
Then rough
The same way
I was with you
Each time our passion
Ending with 
Invisable climax
Down the gullet
Up the gut
Every Thursday

When our Master wanted me
I could only tremble with excitement
Rumors abounded how large he was
His manhood as hard as his body

That hot August night
By a campfire
I was ready

We swam in the lake
Master's muscles glistened in the moonlight
As we swam for an hour or so before
He retired to the cabin to relax

Will it happen?  I asked you

Oh yes it will...

My penis was engorged with blood

I was ready

Scout master was in the shower
Beers were on the coffee table
We slurped a few down quickly as I wanted to be ready

It's huge boy, thickist one I have ever laid my eyes on...
Better grease up with some Vaseline first.

It was good advice
As master emerged from the shower naked
Fully erect
It was a monster
A serpent I wanted inside me
One that I wanted to feel spew inside my guts

Before long, that's what happened...
I sat on his lap
As he pumped me furiously
Until his seed was deep inside me
And mine all over him

It was the best hurt I had ever experienced

And not for the last time either :)

I had earned the next badge...

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