Saturday, May 12, 2012


Can all these stories actually be true?  I have heard rumors about John for years.  

The first time was from a source who actually walked into a room by accident (thought it was the bedroom to drop your coat) and witnessed Travolta's asshole being pounded by a famous musclebound celebrity pal.

The thing that gets me about the recent news is that being propositioned for sex, both adults, is not something I would consider assault.  

The stories I've heard always include the fact that Travolta is never discreet with his behavior.  It almost always talks about how he likes to wave his dick around and jerk off in plain view.  Keep in mind these "spas" are NOT bathhouses.

If this is in fact the case, John Travolta is kind of SEX PIG.  

I have a fondness for SEX PIGS.

So for that, I would gladly kneel before his alleged 8 inch pecker and accept his DNA all over my face.  

If some fell to the floor, 
I'd lick it up of course.  OINK!

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