Monday, April 30, 2012

HOME 8MM MOVIES?, 4.30.12

Woke in the night
went downstairs
From the cracked basement door
I could hear the loud clatter of the projector
from which we all spent so many nights 
watching home movies to pass the time
I descend a few steps
Very quietly
and I see what flickers on the cement wall
Is like nothing I ever saw
A woman violently being impaled by
I first notice
The handsome man
Her smiling in ecstasy
Him looking in pain...
They hump like dogs in heat
Faster they get
I get a glimpse of you
In that overstuffed chair
Pounding yourself with your fist
Between your legs
I have never seen 
One so big and hard
When you knew I was there
Tenting my shorts
It was too late
The vision of you
At the same time
As the man on the wall
Body spasms
Now covered in whitewash

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