Monday, April 30, 2012

ADONIS, 4.30.12


HOME 8MM MOVIES?, 4.30.12

Woke in the night
went downstairs
From the cracked basement door
I could hear the loud clatter of the projector
from which we all spent so many nights 
watching home movies to pass the time
I descend a few steps
Very quietly
and I see what flickers on the cement wall
Is like nothing I ever saw
A woman violently being impaled by
I first notice
The handsome man
Her smiling in ecstasy
Him looking in pain...
They hump like dogs in heat
Faster they get
I get a glimpse of you
In that overstuffed chair
Pounding yourself with your fist
Between your legs
I have never seen 
One so big and hard
When you knew I was there
Tenting my shorts
It was too late
The vision of you
At the same time
As the man on the wall
Body spasms
Now covered in whitewash

Sunday, April 29, 2012

THE REUNION, 4.29.12

We meet again at the reunion
Like no time has past
Our lives have changed so much
but the attraction is still there
I remember you
A ladies man
With secret urges
No girl could satisfy
You so muscular

A real mans man
Me a year younger
What it would be to be you
So virile
With your dripping cock
The jock I never was
The druken nights I was inside your ass
Pounding like there was no tomorrow
No rubbers then
And we have grown while your children did
they are married now
And you are still
But after the party long has been over
I will seed you
I promise I will
No one can satisfy you like I can
My semen flows into your depths
As you gasp, then cry, then come...

JT22601: XTUBE HUNK!, 4.29.12

Saturday, April 28, 2012


I listen at your dorm room door
As you fuck your recent whore
Cum inside her condoms on
Your milky load will soon be gone
You pull it out
Bag's full of goo
Sperm that is a part of you

Rubber dropped onto the floor
she leaves you see me at the door
I see it lying by your bed
Imagine it over your swollen  head
I wanted it, and that was clear
I took it as a souvenir

Thursday, April 26, 2012


"It just seems like each time the sex gets better" He said...  After being fucked for over a half hour!  I then violated his sweet asshole with a glass dildo, then my fingers.  WOOF!  What an ass!!!  I was aptly rewarded with a mouthful of thick white semen after nursing his penis with my throat.  

JESUS it was delicious!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


It's been a little over a month (3/23) since the last time "G" paid a visit.  Man, am I looking forward to it!  Based on phone conversations he's had with the BF recently, he'd like to do 2 rounds, which means, if I'm lucky, I'll get to swallow 2 of his copious LOADS!  I will keep all my followers on here posted as usual. 

"Don't forget to that the VIAGRA 30 minutes before I arrive..."  I know he is afraid of my thick cock, but I've never been much of a pitcher and the BF is happy to oblige!   This guy is like a fucking dog in heat!  So obviously I cannot wait.

And his loads are DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!  More to CUM...