Saturday, February 11, 2012


FUCKING NICE!  When I stopped into my neighborhood liquor store for my weekend provisions, this little guy was staring up at me from the counter!  

KRUGY, the SEMEN-LIKE liquor from Germany.  

MAN, If it only tasted like semen...
 I am the delicious Vanilla-Caramel flavored cream-liqueur (alc 15% by vol) in its unique
bottle. THE TRUE ADULT BEVERAGE. I have become the "Talk of the Town" and "the Hit of the Party".
I am traveling around the world one country at the time - and now

I have arrived in America.

You find me in trend setting cities to see and be seen; "swing'ng the
slopes" and "riding the waves" at the best resorts; see me sailing all the cruise- and party ships; catch me "krug'ng" to Key West, danc'ng in the Streets of New Orleans and
leaving my heart in San Francisco.


"little Krugy"

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