Saturday, December 10, 2011

MASTER-BATOR... 12.10.11

Master ordered me to go and lay down on my puppy bed. He then came in and started playing with my ultra sensitive nipples while saying things like “where’s my puppy?” and “you’re such a good boy.” in no time, i was deep in pup mode, licking His face and barking for His cock. Master then told me to lay stomach down on my puppy bed and pulled a chair up close so that my head was in His lap. He then placed His cockhead in my mouth and ordered me to suck while i humped my bed.
by this point, was was really deep in pup mode, barking and growling as i thrusted my hips into my bed. Master grabbed my head and forced His cock deep into my throat, gagging me a few times. after doing this for quite some time, i was panting and out of breath. so, Master allowed me to drink some water from the toilet bowl, which was cool and refreshing.
once back in position, Master placed my puppy snout in the sweaty crevice between His balls and His leg, which was heaven. He then proceeded to jerk off, watching the thrusting movement of my ass as i continued humping my puppy bed. Master then shot His beautiful load all over the side of my face. He patted my head and rubbed my side, telling me what a good boy i was. then, He ordered me to cum – the bed was drenched.

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