Saturday, December 10, 2011

i walked in the door after a long day at work and was surprised to find Master at the computer in the den. He turned towards me with a wicked smile on His face. it was then i noticed His beautiful, rock hard cock sticking out of His pants. Master ordered me to lay on the floor on my back, not even allowing me to remove my jacket. He then knelt beside me over my face, placed His cock in my mouth and began to jerk off. 
He didn’t allow me to suck Him, use my tongue or move in any way. at that point, i was simply a sex toy – a hole for Him to jerk off into. i laid perfect still, feeling Master’s fat cockhead pop in and out of my lips as He stroked. Master started to grunt and moan, and i noticed the salty taste of His precum dripping into me. then, Master flooded my mouth with His massive load.
He kept His cock in my mouth for a bit, to insure that i received all of His cum. once He removed it, He shook off His cock, the last remaining drops of His seed dripping and clinging to my face. i was so honored.
without saying a word, He got me on all fours, held my head still, mouth open, and took a pic of His cum load in my mouth. Master then nodded at me, allowing me to swallow His perfection. i savored it as i felt it drip all the way to my gut. it was a beautiful homecoming.

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