Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Ran across this blog via TOMCS128.TUMBLR.COM.  All I can say is WOW!  

Some of the pics of this man's man here are from 2003.  You can see how he's, well, matured... ;)

Someone asked me what my favorite position is.
I’m assuming he asking about anal sex… as 69’ing is pretty obvious, heh heh.
I don’t really like doggy-style as a top or a bottom.
While it’s fun for a bit, it’s not my preferable position for the ‘money shot’…
I like to look into my man’s eyes and connect with him.
I like to play with his belly and rub and lick and bite his nips… tickle his balls and jack him off. I love the weight of my man’s legs on my shoulders when I fuck him.
I love to grab him by the neck, pull his face to mine, and kiss him deeply; sucking his tongue into my mouth while I grind my cock in him and blast my load into his hot hungry hole (or vice-versa).
Most of all, I love to watch his face as I slide my cock in and out of his asshole and gyrate and grind my pole into him.
And I love it just as much, to watch my man’s face when he’s plowing my asshole and see how much he enjoys fucking me.
So, to answer the question:
Face to face, lips to lips, belly to belly


  1. Nice set of photos. Looks good spreading his legs and showing all of it. That is some intense piss action.

  2. WOW!!! How 'bout GAWD DAMN!!! I had to take my fingers out of my foreskin when I scrolled down to the pic with the Coke bottle. Did a double take, got even more aroused when I realized the bottle was goin' in 'n' out of his hole. Stuck my fingers back in my foreskin which is totally full of pre-cum now. What a HOT STUD of a man! FAWK!!!

  3. If this is the type of man that makes you weak at the knees then I highly recommend you hightail it over to his site.
    This is just an appetizer of what awaits you there! I spent hours drooling over many of his images, the outdoor images are smokin' HOT!!!
    By the way, I think that's a beer bottle goin' in and out of his hole not a Coke.