Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Well it was a really nice evening.  Our married bud got pounded by the BF for a solid 45 min thanks to the little blue pill.  It was seriously all about him getting fucked tonite.  We did it in the living room instead of the bedroom and he requested gay porn on the TV.  He wanted to cum on his chest tonite... but as soon as he started cumming, my mouth enveloped his shaft.  I spit that out (into a container) and cleaned his belly up with my tongue later.  YUM!  WHAT A SWEET LOAD!!!

He was sore and me and the BF happy and relaxed.  He didnt even fininish his Red Bull/Vodka.  I did though.  He spit his chewing gum out in it.  Think I will have to see if it still kept it's flavor... <EG>

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