Sunday, November 28, 2010


Just thought I'd share a story about two guys I met while in Vegas recently at the Blue Moon Resort, R & J.  They were sitting at a table poolside playing cards when I first met them, actually they were always playing cards!  Partners for 20 years, R about 45, was built like a linebacker, with thick strong legs and a great smile, while J, late 30s, was tall and wiry with an adorable face.  They were both very modest, especially J, and fully dressed all the time.  Surprising because it was definately pool weather in October.   We chatted on and off during the day.  Me making my pitstops to the video room to check out the "meat".  I made no secret about the fact that I loved sucking cock and hell, I was on vacation!

Later on, after dinner, I wandered back to the pool to find them still in the same spot playing cards.  Now though, with a whole lot more vodka in them!

We continued our conversation from earlier and I have to say all I could think about was both their dicks staring me in the face.  I was fucking hungry!  

After another round of drinks, it must have been around 1 in the morning when R stood up and said, "How 'bout we go to my room and you suck my cock while J watches?"... Fuck YES.  I followed them up to their room.  R pulled down his shorts to reveal a nice half hard pecker.  It was about 7 inches cut and fat between massive thighs.

He pushed me physically down, which I didn't expect, and hollered at me to "GET THE FUCK DOWN ON IT!".  I hungrily obliged.  What a tasty piece of meat it was!  Already oozing pre.  

Out of the corner of my eye I could see J, his pants unzipped slowly jerking what seemed to be an 8.5 inch trouser snake.  How I wanted it in my mouth too! It was obvious that he wanted to watch, as ke kept making comments like, "DUDE, that's fucking HAWT".  At that point, R impaled his cock down my gullet and ordered J to join us.  Words broke out between them and I was literally caught in the middle.  It took a few more minutes to realise that this was part of their sex life.  They obviously got off on telling each other what to do in bed.  Why should I argue?
"I want to see HIM SUCK YOU NOW!"  He pulled me off his dripping dong and motioned for me to go over to J and take care of his cock.  He began to put it away, I was pleading with him to let me taste it "just a little", with R ordering him to take out "THE FAMILY TREASURE".  It was one beautiful dick.  R fondled himself on the bed and kept saying we were "both very good boys".  My mouth went up and down the almost 9 inch rod before he said, "You're gonna make me cum, and I don't want to now..."   He pulled it out of my mouth and I crawled back to R with an open mouth, like a starved dog wanting a bone.  It didn't take him long to say that he was going to give me his cum.  Not ask me, TELL me.  I started to suck faster until he let out a moan loud enough to wake the guests on the floor above.  At that point, I felt his cock pulse in my mouth, Six or so rapid shots of semen to the back of my throat.  I held his seed in my mouth for a good 30 seconds to savor his taste.  Gourmet goo for sure.  Don't always believe that if a person, drinks and smokes as he did, their cum tastes bad.  Not true.  It's what they eat that counts.  After swallowing his swimmers down, I turned to J and said I wanted his cum as well. "GO AND GET IT BOY!", R screamed.  "EAT HIS BABIES!" 

I no sooner got my mouth over his dickhead when his monster began to spasm.  After his orgasm was over, I took my lips off his member and opened my mouth to show him his seed.  I then proceeded to swallow it down. Yet another fantastic cumload!

What a great night!  Unfortunately we never had a repeat of that evening for the rest of my stay, but we are keeping in contact and I hope to have another night like that again...

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  1. i wear my skimpy speedos there, getting all hot n horny in and by the pool i loved getting fucked and sucking cocks in the video room. i like it when lots of guys are watching me and taking turns fucking me in the steam room yummy facials of loads of cum there, cant wait 4 summer