Friday, November 26, 2010


It takes one gooning, adicted masturbator to know another.  

Thanks for the mail!

Hey bro,
  I'm a big fan of The Devils Dick blog.  I check your site daily for all the great cock pictures and videos.  I run The Batehole over at which chronicles my masturbation addiction. I'm a solosexual chronic, addicted masturbator, edger, and gooner. I crave, need, want, and lust for long, extended marathon masturbation sessions. Cock worshiping is my whole focus in life, sharing my penis lust with other like minded cock bators. I have cock on my mind all the time, and masturbate as much as possible, trying to feed my addiction to ever increasing levels, hoping one day to be a slave to my hard cock and its need for total orgasmic bliss every waking hour of the day.

Feel free to post my cock pictures on your web site.


1 comment:

  1. I follow both you guys blogs...
    Hail cock
    hail priapus
    edge and fail...cuz i am also a chronic ejaculator
    (fighting with my chronic bator side to edge long)
    but the blogs my bate brothers of THE COCK arouse my Beast. To bring more bating and dry cumming or dribbles...